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Poised for growth – Oragadam


Oragadam,the industrial hub on the outskirts,is growing rapidly. However,are there enough residential projects in the area to accommodate the rising population RADHIKA RAMASWAMY and HARINI SRIRAM find out Real estate development in the city has been witness to several transformations over the past four to five years.While in certain areas residential development was a defining factor for industrial growth,in others,commercial and industrial growth have paved the way for improved infrastructure and connectivity.

Landscape of Oragadam

Oragadam,centrally located between Grand Southern Trunk and NH4,has been touted as Chennai’s largest and most developed industrial belt.With over 22 Fortune 500 companies (of which six are global car manufacturers ),the Sriperumbudur-Oragadam belt has seen tremendous industrial growth,in less than four years.The area is well-connected via road and rail and according to industrial experts,the presence of automobile giants like Renault-Nissan and Ford has triggered growth in and around Oragadam.In addition,JCBL Ltd,Essar Steel,BPCL,Delphi TVS Diesel Systems Ltd,GE Bayer and Silicons (India) Pvt Ltd have set up offices at SIPCOT Industrial Park.

Industrial impact

Has this industrial expansion paved the way for residential development in and around Oragadam Are there enough projects in the pipeline to cater to the large working population The State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu (SIPCOT) is spread over 347 acres in Oragadam and houses a number of industrial units and intends to expand in order to accommodate more industries and residential complexes.MRJ Premnath,General Manager,SIPCOT,says,”We have more than 10,000 employees,most of who commute to and from their homes in the city by company buses.It is high time that there are apartments or villas built in Oragadam,so that people do not have to spend two hours traveling.” Devendar Singh,Deputy Manager,Motherson Group of Companies,GST Road,is quick to agree.”For me, he says,traveling from GST Road to the city is a nightmare.I recently bought an apartment in Oragadam (in Temple Green,an Arun Excello project).In fact,nearly half the project is occupied by employees from my company.Living so close to work will cut down on travel time and reduce additional expenditure incurred by companies when providing transportation.We want more such projects in this part of the city,as it will benefit thousands of employees working in and around Oragadam.”

The flip side of the customers perspective is that sometimes,regardless of the facilities offered,moving to a new home outside the city is a less than appealing perspective. Kiran Chandan,Deputy Manager,Renault-Nissan,says,Despite working at Renault-Nissan,whose offices are in the Oragadam area,my wife and I moved from Tambaram to Kodambakkam.We did so,largely,because my wife works in Nungambakkam and commuting,for her,would have been difficult. Kiran adds that commuting,for him,is quite a problem now.He continues,We have been looking,for some time,for an opportunity to move closer to Oragadam.Our budget,currently,is about Rs35 lakhs.So far,we havent really found anything. Oragadam used to be a sleepy little village even about three years ago.However,when SIPCOT was set up in 2007,the area underwent a sea change.The resultant flood of working professionals and their family,complete with residential and shopping demands had,and still has,the potential to wake the sleeping giant of urban development in the area.

Times Property, Times of India, 19 June 2010

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